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What robotic surgery options are available?

Many urologic surgeries are available using robotic surgery today and robotic technology is constantly being applied to new surgeries. Below is a list of the conditions and surgeries currently offered by The Urology Group:

Robotic Surgery Options

  • Adrenalectomy – removal of the gland above the kidney

  • Bladder diverticulectomy > surgical correction of a diverticula—abnormal sacs or pouches in the urinary bladder that form when the bladder lining protrudes through the bladder wall.

  • Cystectomy – removal of the bladder

    • Anterior pelvic exenteration – removal of the bladder, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and anterior wall of the vagina (women with bladder cancer)
    • Cystoprostatectomy – removal of the bladder and prostate (men with bladder cancer)
  • Nephrectomy – removal of the kidney

  • Nephroureterectomy – removal of the kidney, renal pelvis, ureter and bladder cuff. It is performed primarily to treat transitional cell carcinoma. Partial nephrectomy – removal of part of the kidney

  • Prostatectomy – removal of the prostate

    • Radical – removal for prostate cancer
    • Simple – removal for difficulty passing the urine
  • Pyeloplasty – surgical correction of a blockage that has occurred between the kidney and the ureter – the tube that drains the kidney into the bladder. Removing the blockage allows urine to drain freely from the kidney to the bladder.

  • Sacroculpopexy – vaginal suspension for prolapse

  • Ureteral reimplant – reconstruction of where the kidney tube (ureter) meets the Bladder

Problems Treated with Robotic Surgery

  • Adrenal gland (gland above the kidney that makes hormones) – excisional biopsy, removal
  • Bladder – bladder cancer, refractory bladder pain requiring removal of the bladder
  • Kidney – kidney cancer; removal of kidney for lack of function, stone, refractory pain; cysts
  • Prostate – prostate cancer, prostate obstruction for very large prostates
  • Ureter (tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder) – ureteropelvic junction obstruction, vesicoureteral reflux, ureterovesicular junction blockage
  • Vagina – suspension for prolapse

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