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Medications for advanced prostate cancer are not usually available at your regular local pharmacy. These specialty medicines are only available through a limited number of pharmacies. Specialty pharmacies may be selected by your insurance company or the drug manufacturer. Searching for the correct specialty pharmacy can be confusing and time consuming. Cancer treatment can be exhausting. Patients may not have the time, energy or more ability to search for and coordinate with a pharmacy that can fill their specialty medication.

Let our staff do this work for you. Our pharmacy technician will submit your prescription to your insurance to see what type of coverage you are eligible for.

We offer medications from our own inventory, rather than having to coordinate with outside pharmacies to ensure you get the prescription you need.

Our staff are knowledgeable about specialty medication and have the ability to support you before and during cancer treatment journey.

Patient Centered Care

Our in office pharmacy for advanced prostate cancer medication allows us to simplify and coordinate your cancer care. We can synchronize medication management with your regular urology appointment. Let us coordinate your medication with the rest of your care including assessment of urinary and sexual health, bloodwork, ordering imaging, discussing surgery and coordinating with other specialists such as radiation oncology or medical oncology.


Our in office pharmacy allows patients to discuss medication costs and alternatives directly with their doctor or advance practice provider.

Our Team

Multidisciplinary Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

Our team coordinates regular appointments to prescribe and monitor cancer treatments, follow PSA and imaging, check bone density scans and coordinate with medical and radiation oncology.

Pharmacy Technicians

Our pharmacy technicians brings years of experience from the pharmacy industry. They have expertise in ordering medication, applying for insurance coverage and overseeing the process.

Pharmacy management software is used to help determine insurance coverage, complete necessary prior authorizations and search for co-pay assistance if qualified.

Once your medication has been sent to our pharmacy, our pharmacy technician oversees submission to insurance, ordering medication, copayment, delivery and pick up. You will be notified if any issues with insurance coverage.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Navigator

We use the latest software to track patient treatment and monitor outcomes. Our advanced prostate cancer navigator will reach out to you if you are due for medication, testing, PSA or an appointment.

Their role is to coordinate, simplify and streamline your care on your cancer treatment journey.

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