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In Office Pharmacy at our Lansdowne Office

The Urology Group is excited to offer in office dispensing of medication for advanced prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.


Skip the trip to the pharmacy, the line and the wait. The Urology Group can now provide your medication in our Lansdowne office at the time of your appointment. Avoid the wait for verification and confirmation of insurance. Check with our office directly about drug availability instead of waiting on hold with a commercial pharmacy. Save time and money on the trip to the pharmacy.


Some patients do not want their name or mediation called out while other customers are waiting. Some may prefer not to state their name, address, date of birth and insurance at a public pharmacy counter. Our in office pharmacy provides a private environment to receive medication.

Some patients may not feel comfortable asking medication questions at a commercial pharmacy with other customers in line. With in office dispensing, patients are offered a private location where they can ask detailed questions regarding their medication and have a better understanding of it.

Patients can talk to a member of our team that is already involved in their care. Some may prefer this instead of a technician or pharmacist at a commercial pharmacy they may not be familiar with.

Avoid the Back and Forth Between the Pharmacy and the Office

It is common for providers to receive many requests from pharmacies for verifications or change requests of prescribed medications. This includes times when an insurance company or patient does not want to pay for medicine due to cost. Commercial pharmacies have to call the office for approval to change the prescription. Our in office pharmacy eliminates this need entirely.

In office dispensing avoids questions on handwriting that require a phone call between the commercial pharmacy and the medical office.

These inconveniences can delay delivery of medication to patients. With in office dispensing, our staff can immediately confirm prescribed medications, manage payment issues and answer questions the patient may have right then and there.

Immediate Access to Medication

In office dispensing provides a unique opportunity for the provider and patient to interact regarding the treatment plan. Get immediate access to medication at your appointment. Start treatment sooner and improve the success of your care plan.

We can explain medication usage and review what to expect. You have a chance to ask questions before taking medicine home. Leave your appointment with medicine in hand and with peace of mind that the correct treatment plan is in place.

Better Treatment Outcomes

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about 30% of patients with new prescriptions don’t get them filled because of the hassle that comes along with getting medication from a pharmacy. Prescriptions that are filled may not be taken correctly. This can affect treatment outcomes. A medical problem could continue or get worse.

Per Clinico-Economics and Outcomes Research, medication adherence rose to 91% among patients following the installation of an in office drug dispensary.

Our staff can assist in making sure your prescription is filled. We can answer any questions you have about how to take the medication discuss potential side effects and explain things to watch for.

Receiving medication at your appointment can improve your understanding of medication and treatment. It is more likely you will take the medication if you leave the office with it. This can improve overall patient care and treatment outcomes.

Coordinated Care

When medication is dispensed we from our in office pharmacy, your provider will know exactly what you are taking and when it was last filled. The electronic medical record will be automatically updated.

When a patient’s treatments all happen in the same location, electronic health record documentation is simple and straightforward. As a result of this accurate, real-time documentation, our
providers can make informed care decisions to coordinate with other aspects of your care.

Our in office pharmacy allows us to make adjustments to dosage or medication. This helps us monitor and follow through on your care plan. We can review the big picture of your prescription drug treatment plan and overall treatment plan.

In office dispensing allows our providers to guide, educate and continuously consult with the patient to ensure they are properly taking what was prescribed. It fosters a process where patients, providers, pharmacy technician and staff can work together as a team to ensure you are getting the treatment needed.

Patient Partnership

In-house delivery facilitates good patient-provider partnerships. The patient has another opportunity to speak to medical staff each time they get their prescription. The patient can ask questions about the drug regimen, side effects, or any new illnesses or disturbances. Providers can better evaluate the progress of the patient.

How Does The Urology Group Pharmacy Work?

If you and your urology provider decide medication is right for you, we will ask if you would like to use our in office pharmacy. Our staff will order the medication through our pharmacy. Our pharmacy technician will process the order through your insurance. You will be contacted with the co-pay amount. Once you approve the amount, you’ll be notified her medication can be picked up at our Lansdowne office.

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