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Frequently Asked Questions

Lab Work

Do I need to fast for my PSA blood test?

No. This blood test does not require you to fast.

What if I need to urinate before the nurse calls me back for my appointment?

For most of your visits to our office, a urine specimen will be collected. Please let one of the staff members know and they will direct you to the patient bathroom, where there will be specimen cups for you to use.

When do I receive my test results?

This can vary due to the type of test. The office will get back to you as soon as the results are available. If you do not hear anything after one week, please call our office. You may be asked to return to the office to discuss the results.


How can I get my prescriptions refilled?

Contact your pharmacy and they will contact our office. If you were asked to return to the office for follow-up you will need to call the office to schedule an appointment. If it has been over a year since your last office visit and you need a prescription refill, please make an appointment with your doctor.

Will my insurance cover my procedure?

We will call your insurance company for imaging and surgery to see if precertification is necessary. Specific questions need to be addressed to your insurance company.

Who fills out my disability paperwork?

The office will help you complete the forms. Please fill out the portions with your information as completely as you can before turning them in.

Office Procedures


What does it feel like?

The procedure may be uncomfortable, but not painful. Numbing jelly is used to make the procedure more comfortable. The exam takes less than 3 to 5 minutes.

Will I have any pain or discomfort after the procedure?

You may see a small amount of blood and burning with urination which will quickly resolve in less than a day.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?

Yes. You can resume normal activities.

Foley Catheter

What does a catheter feel like?

It can cause discomfort in the rectum and at the tip of the urethra.

Will it cause bleeding?

Some blood or discharge around the catheter is normal.

I have a Foley catheter and it leaks. Is this normal?

It is normal to have leakage of urine around a catheter. This is usually related to bladder spasms and is harmless. If your Foley bag stops filling with urine, please call our office.

What are bladder spasms?

These are strong urges to void that can be painful. They are a reaction to surgery or having a Foley catheter. There are some medications that help relieve them, please call our office if you are concerned.

Stent Symptoms

Why do I have a stent?

A stent is placed due to obstruction (blockage) of urine flow from a stone, tumor or inflammation. It bypasses the obstruction.

Will I feel the stent?

The stent can cause the sensation of increased need to urinate. The stent can cause discomfort during urination and can be felt in the kidney. It also can cause blood in the urine. All of these are normal stent symptoms.

How long does the stent stay in?

The stent will typically stay in for 5 to 10 days. This will be determined by your surgeon.

How do you get it out?

The majority of stents are easily removed in the office by inserting a cystoscope (see above) and very small grasper into the urethra. Please call the office to schedule this procedure.


Who can I call with questions about surgery?

Most questions will be answered at the time of your visit. We recommend reviewing our website, which contains valuable educational information. Specific questions about location, day and time or pre-op requirements can be directed to our Surgery Scheduler. You may also call and ask to talk to one of the nurses.

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