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Clear Liquid Diet

Food GroupFoods AllowedFoods to avoid
Milk BeverageTea and coffee (no creamer),carbonated beverages, fruit flavored drinksMilk creamer, milk drinks
Meats & Meat SubstitutesNoneAll
Fruit & Fruit JuicesStrained fruit juices: apple,grape, white grape, lemonadeFruit juices with unstrained fruit
Grains & StarchesNoneAll
SoupsClear broth, consomméAll others
DessertsClear flavored gelatin, popsiclesAll others
MiscellaneousSugar, honey, syrup, clear hard candy, saltAll others

The following menu is a suggestion

4 oz. White grape juice4 oz. Apple juice4 oz. Lemonade
6 oz. Clear broth6 oz. Clear broth6 oz. Clear broth

Clear Liquid Diet

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