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Sacroneuromodulation Test Postoperative Instructionss


  • Take it easy for the next 2 weeks.
  • Complete your voiding diary.
  • Sense the stimulation at all times. You should feel a strong sensation, but not uncomfortable or painful. The sensation is felt in the pelvic floor region (vaginal, scrotal and/or rectal area) a deep pelvic floor “tapping” or “pulsation”.
  • Ensure that the green test stimulator light blinks at all times. If not, turn the unit office, check the battery, and turn it back on.
  • If you have questions concerning the therapy or the test stimulator contact the sacroneuomodulation consultant.
  • Use a waist pack to carry Test Stimulator.


  • Do not take a bath during test period.
  • You may “frontal shower”, but be sure to keep the procedure area dry and disconnect Test Stimulator.
  • Do not scoot when you get in and out of a chair.
  • Do not lift heavy items.
  • Do not change your fluid intake, medications, diet, etc.
  • Do not drive with Test Stimulator on.
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