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Retropertioneal Lymph Node Dissection Postop Instructions

You may take what you like to eat or drink. Your appetite may be diminished the first several days at home.

You may take a shower as you normally do.

You may be up and about as much as you like. You may go up and down stairs. You may take walks outside. You may tire easily with minimal activity and find that you require an occasional nap. Your energy will return over the course of 4-6 weeks.

Some patients may find it difficult to move the bowels after surgery. You may take Metamucil 1 tbsp on a daily basis which may help make bowel movement easier. You may also use Milk of Magnesia 1-2 tsp which may help stimulate the bowels to have a bowel movement.

You can obtain good pain relief if you take 2 Tylenol (regular or extra strength) every 3 hours while awake for the first several days at home. You will also get a prescription for pain pills. You can use these prescription pain pills in addition to the every 3-hour Tylenol. You can take the pain pills as needed according to the directions on the bottle.

You should avoid strenuous activity for 6 weeks. This includes activities such as golf, tennis, cutting the grass, stretching exercises, lifting weights, jogging and so forth. You should avoid carrying anything over 20 pounds for this 6-week period. You will need a postoperative visit in approximately 7-10 days after your discharge. If surgical clips are placed in the incision, they are typically removed at that time.

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