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Pyeloplasty (Child) Postop Instructions

Your child had surgery to remove a blockage at the ureteropelvic junction (UPJ). This is the point where the kidney drains into the ureter. This handout will provide some guidelines for care after surgery. Some children will have a sent in place. This is a small tube in the ureter that stays in for a short time. Your doctor will tell you if your child has a stent.

What to expect:

  • Your child may have some pain, tenderness and/or swelling at the incision site. Your doctor will give you a prescription for Tylenol® with codeine for pain.
  • Your child will take an antibiotic for one month.
  • Your child should have a soft bowel movement at least once a day. Be sure s/he eats fruits and vegetables and drinks plenty of liquids. You can use an over-the-counter stool softener, if you need to.
  • You may notice some blood in your child's urine. This is normal. It should go away in five to seven days. If your child has a stent in place, the bleeding may last longer or occur off and on until the stent is removed. While the stent is in place your child may also feel a small amount of pain when he starts to empty his bladder. This will go away when the stent is taken out.


  • Your child may resume quiet activities, but should plan to relax for the first three or four days after surgery.
  • Your child should avoid contact sports and those activities that take more movement and energy such as swimming, swings, tricycles, etc. for one week.
  • Give your child sponge baths for the first few days. Your child may shower three days after surgery and resume bathing or swimming after the drain is removed.

Dressing Care:

  • Your child has a small incision with a small drain coming out of it on the lower back. It is covered by a small gauze that can be changed as needed.
  • Your doctor will take the drain out in 5-6 days when your child comes back to the clinic.

Call the Doctor if Your Child:

  • Has a fever greater than 101.5° F for two readings taken 4 hours apart
  • Has vomiting that does not go away
  • Is unable to keep medicines in his stomach • has severe pain that doesn’t go away with pain medicine.

Follow-up Care:
A return clinic appointment will be made for your child before you leave. If you have any problems or questions, please call your doctor.

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