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Prostate Biopsy Postop Instructions

  1. If you develop a shaking chill or fever, heavy bleeding with urination, or an inability to urinate, you
    should call the doctor at one of the following offices:
    Lansdowne (703-724-1195) or Reston (703-480-0220).
    If these symptoms occur after office hours, the doctor on call can be reached by calling the same
  2. You should avoid any strenuous activity for the next 3-4 days. This includes activities such as jogging,
    bicycle riding, cutting the grass, raking leaves, etc. You should avoid intercourse for the next week.
  3. You may see some blood in the urine, or there may be some blood from the rectum following the
    procedure. You may also notice some blood in the semen over the next several weeks.
  4. If you are taking an antibiotic that was started before your procedure, you should continue to take this
    antibiotic until it is completed.
  5. The samples of the prostate removed at biopsy are sent to the appropriate laboratory for the
    pathologist to review. It typically takes 10-14 working days for the report to come back. Your doctor
    will call you 10-14 days after your biopsy to speak with you about your biopsy results.
  6. If the biopsy is negative, you will still need ongoing follow-up. You should plan to see the doctor in 4-
    6 months for follow-up PSA and a digital rectal exam.
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