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Hypospadias Repair Postop Instructions

Hypospadias is a common urologic problem in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis. This handout will provide some guidelines for hypospadias repair performed with and without a urethral stent. A stent is a hollow plastic tube that supports the urethral repair.

Dressing Care
Your child’s penis will have a clear sticky dressing wrapped around it. Leave this dressing on until his follow-up appointment. If the dressing falls off, do not put on a new dressing or Vaseline®. Keep the penis as dry as possible until his follow-up visit. There will be significant redness, swelling, and bruising of the penis and occasional spotty bleeding along the incisions are common. If there is a urethral stent in place, the stent is sewn to the penis. It will be gently removed in clinic. Do your best to clean his bowel movements, but extraordinary measures to clean around the penis are not recommended.

Your child may take part in quiet activities. Avoid those that take more movement and energy such as swimming, swings, tricycles, and big wheels, etc. until the follow-up clinic visit.

As the anesthetic wears off, your child may cry, fuss or complain of pain. Bladder spasms are common and will cause sudden outbursts of crying or screaming. The doctor will give you prescriptions for Tylenol with codeine, oxybutynin and an antibiotic. The oxybutynin relaxes the bladder spasms. If the spasms are severe, your child may need a higher dose of oxybutynin.

Call the Doctor If Your Child Has:

  • A lot of bleeding (slight spotting is OK)
  • A fever over 101°F
  • Pain is not relieved by the pain medicine

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