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Bulkamid Postoperative Instructions


Do not drive within the first 24 hours. Avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days. Recommend walking, avoid long walks, and you may slowly walk upstairs. No restrictions on lifting.

Postoperative Care

Do not put anything in the vagina, and no intercourse for one week. Expect vaginal spotting/small amount of bleeding (1-2 pads per day) for 1 week.


You may shower starting the day after surgery. You may gently wash the genital area with soap and water. After showering, pat the area dry. Keep the genital region clean and dry after showering.

Do not submerge in water for 1 week. No bath, pool, hot tub, ocean etc for 1 week.


If you have a catheter in place, empty the bag as directed and call if you are having uncomfortable bladder spasms. We prefer not to leave a foley catheter in after procedure. Otherwise, void every 3-4 hours. Expect burning with urination.

Call The Office If

Unable to void or increased pain or temperature over 101°F.

Postoperative Appointment

Call your physician to schedule a postoperative appointment if you do not already have one.

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