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24 Hour Urine Collection (Litholink) Instructions

You have been given a test request form to complete a 24 hour urine collection. This test studies the urine and blood to determine your specific risk factors for forming kidney stones. You will complete this test at home.

  1. Call Litholink at 800-338-4333. They will mail you a box of supplies to complete your 24 hour urine collection. Instructions will be in the box. Make sure you complete all forms and follow all directions.
  2. You will need to collect all voids for 24 hours, so choose a day to do this test when you will be at home all day. You will need to come to our office the day after the test so you may do the test any day of the week except Saturday.
  3. Call our office the day you start your collection to let us know you will come in the next day to drop off your urine and get your blood drawn. You need to be fasting for the blood work, so plan to come in the morning. If you are
    planning on doing your collection on a Sunday, please call our office on Friday to let us know you will come in on Monday.
  4. Bring your 24 hour urine, all forms and shipping supplies into our office the day after the collection. Remember you need to be fasting this day.
  5. It normally takes 3-4 weeks for the results. Please make a follow up appointment to discuss these results one month after you have completed the 24 hour urine. If you have any other questions please call our office.
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