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COVID-19 Letter to Patient

Posted on March 18, 2020in Newsby The Urology Group

March 18th, 2020

Valued Urology Group patient,

In light of the coronavirus pandemic we are making changes to our current practice pattern in accordance with CDC guidelines. Our intent is to minimize risk to our patients and staff. We apologize for your inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in these extenuating circumstances.

Office changes

Office visits will be limited to urgent appointments only.

Effective 3/19/20, our providers will work out of one assigned office:
Dr. Walter O’Brien – Reston
Dr. Kevin O’Connor – Lansdowne
Dr. Nicholas Lailas – Reston
Dr. Gregory Schenk – Reston
Dr. Jennifer Young – Lansdowne
Dr. Chuck Pruna – Reston
Dr. Christopher Starks – StoneSprings
Dr. Nathan Roberts – Lansdowne
Dr. Christine Tran - maternity leave until 6/1/20
Dr. Gary Fialk – Reston
Julie Spencer NP – Lansdowne
Mari Parker NP – Lansdowne
Jennifer Mendrysa NP – StoneSprings


The American College of Surgeons and Surgeon General have recommended a thorough evaluation of elective procedures and limiting these if possible. We will continue to work with our surgery centers and hospitals to do what is safest for patients, staff and the community.


  • We are working with our IT team to establish telemedicine as quickly as possible.

  • Most commercial insurance covers telemedicine.

  • On March 4, 2020, Congress passed the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Report Appropriations Act. This allows established Medicare patients to be seen via telemedicine.

  • Telemedicine is available for established patients only. An established patient has been seen by our practice within the last three years.

  • We recommend telemedicine through our patient portal to protect your privacy.

Click below to link to the eClinical patient Portal App Guide and Patient User Registration Guide


Set up a patient portal now in preparation for your telehealth visit. We recommend the Healow app on your phone. We will let you know as soon as we have telehealth via patient portal available.

Again we apologize for your inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. We will continually re-evaluate our policies and alter as needed. We will lift schedule limitations once we feel it is safe for patients and staff. We will value you as a patient and appreciate you entrusting our care to our practice.

The Urology Group

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