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Mission and Philosophy

Distinguished History

Started in 1924, our practice has been committed to excellence for over 95 years. The founding member of our group, Dr. Reuter, was Chairman of the Urology Department at George Washington Medical School for over 20 years. He made many contributions to our specialty including the invention of a variety of surgical instruments and the discovery of the antibacterial properties of sulfa drugs.

Continued Excellence

Building on that early tradition of excellence, our group has continued to expand and develop over the years.

The tradition of innovation continues as our physicians have developed new techniques of urinary drainage and prostate cancer seed implantation. Doctors in our group have written numerous papers in scientific journals and textbooks. They have lectured widely on topics including prostate cancer, benign prostatic enlargement, stone disease, testicular tumors, urinary infection and urinary incontinence.

Our physicians serve as clinical teachers for family medicine residents from the Medical College of Virginia and have been clinical instructors for the Georgetown Urology Residency Program.

Our members have been recognized by their medical peers as doctors in our group have served as the Chairperson of Urology, Chairperson of Surgery and President of the Medical Staff at our affiliated hospitals.

Ongoing Innovation

For the last decade, we have stayed at the forefront of technologic advances in an effort to provide world-class care to our patients. Our group was one of the first urology groups in the metropolitan area to perform laparoscopic surgery on a regular basis and performed one of the first Laparoscopic nephrectomies. Our group was also an early adaptor of minimally invasive surgical treatments for enlarged prostate, such as the Green Light Laser, and we remain one of the largest volume providers for those procedures. Similarly, our doctors were some of the first to make the transition to minimally invasive Prostate Cancer surgery and were responsible for starting and developing the DaVinci Robotic Surgery programs at both Reston Hospital and INOVA Loudoun Hospital.

In keeping with our tradition of innovation, in 2007, we were in the vanguard of medical groups switching to electronic records. For new patients, you can download necessary forms prior to your initial visit so that you can complete these forms at your own convenience and bring them with you to your visit.

In 2009 we became home to the Northern Virginia Pelvic Continence Care Center. We treat pelvic pain and incontinence using the newest techniques and devices.

Our group looks forward to continuing advancement and growth in the future. Exciting innovations develop daily in urology, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best possible care to our patients.

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